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Norton boosts security and privacy protection for android devices

In today’s digital age with apps ruling our world, our sensitive data is at threat of being released to unidentified sources.

Cyber security companies are constantly working towards improvising solutions. Norton by Symantec, one of the leading cyber security companies, has beefed up its Norton Mobile Security for Android with new features such as App Adviser feature, Report Card and Norton Safe Search and Web Protection.

Since January 2016, the company claims to have identified 6,464,472 new pieces of malware apps and 5,741,834 new pieces of greyware – apps with potential privacy issues or intrusive behaviors.

The Report Card feature offers users a 360-degree view of mobile device’s security and privacy status, which can help them in taking control of and overcome potential mobile threats and privacy risks.

Within this feature, subscribers can take advantage of the enhanced Privacy Report and see where mobile apps are sending their photos and other personal information.

It also offers an easy-to-understand list of potential privacy vulnerabilities, like past unsecure Wi-Fi connections, so users can understand what data might be at risk and course correct.

It is integrated with Norton Safe Search and Web Protection protects users from visiting malware-infected sites and blocks phishing websites helping to protect devices from sites that can install ransomware, Trojans and other threats. It also protects users by displaying a website’s safety and shopping ratings before a user visits the site.

This security solution has an anti-theft capabilities and contacts backup to help users find their device and restore lost information.

“We are seeing a significant uptick in customers installing Norton mobile solutions and believe it is due to people seeking ways to protect their devices, which are loaded with sensitive and personal information,” said Ritesh Chopra, Country Manager, Norton by Symantec.

“With every update to Norton Mobile Security, we aim to enhance security capabilities and increase proactive protections to fend off today’s privacy risks and security threats.”

The top five permissions majority to apps seek are sending promotional emails and SMS, accessing contacts, accessing mobile data, bookmark history and camera. These could put any device to risk, adds Chopra.

With over 18 million downloads from Google Play Store in India, Norton by Symantec has been focusing and penetrations through different channels. The company is tying up with telecos and insurance companies for bundling it with phones. For OEM tie-ups, the solution comes pre installed on Jio’s LYF smartphone.

“Last 12 to 18 months have been really busy. We are in talks with OEMs, both multinational and national players for their India specific handsets,” adds Chopra.

The new features will be available to the existing Android subscribers through an app update. However, a new consumer can purchase the security software with one year license fee of Rs 599 to start with. These new features have been first rolled out for Android platform and has not been launched on iOS yet

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